Your buying guide for wireless doorbells

Your buying guide for wireless doorbells


When you make a purchase for wireless doorbells with video, there are a few things you should consider.

Night vision and resolution

The picture resolution will determine how you will be able to see the videos and images that screen through the doorbell to the connected device. Normally the maximum resolution for Wi-Fi doorbells ranges from 480p to 1080p.

Some of these smart doorbells also have the option of night vision. This is handy if you wish to know what is going on on your front porch in the middle of the night.

Two-way communication

Smart doorbells come with two-way communication options. This allows you to speak to whosoever is at the door. This does not need you to be home. You can be away at your office and still talk to the person who is at your door with the help of the internet connection. The person who is at the door will speak into the doorbell’s microphone, and you can respond via the doorbell app. These doorbells get integrated into Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or other smart home devices. To access and respond to such doorbells, you will have to use the app.

Field of view

Field of view indicates how much the camera can capture. The best field of view in the case of a doorbell camera is 180°. This means that the camera will capture everything that is in front and on the sides as well. If there is a 90° field of view, it will only show what is right in front of the doorbell camera and a small bit towards each side. If you live in a house and not in an apartment, it is advised that you get the 180° view so all the images and video can be captured on your front porch.

Cloud storage

Almost all wireless doorbells with video have a certain level of cloud storage which is available for free to the customers. Beyond this, you need to purchase more cloud space to store the videos. Usually, the videos are stored for 30 days, but this may differ for each and every product. If you wish to go for the additional cloud storage option, you will have to pay a monthly fee which can increase your expenses.

The cost of Wi-Fi doorbell

It is obvious that such always will cost more than your normal doorbells. However, how much a Wi-Fi doorbell will cost will affect your decision to purchase. If you go for expensive doorbell cameras, you will get higher quality and better features compared to the cheaper options. However, this may not necessarily be the occurrence every time.

If you are worried about burglary or theft, you should choose to spend a little more so that the added security features can provide peace to your mind. If you only want a camera at the doorbell to monitor package drop-offs and know who is at the door, you can go for a cheap video doorbell with a low-quality resolution.

Smart home integration

Most smart doorbells get seamlessly integrated into the existing smart home. If you have Google Home, or Amazon Alexa you should opt for doorbells that can easily get integrated with ease. If you have many smart home systems like Nest, Google Home, Alexa et cetera, then you should go for an (if this then that) IFTTT integration.

Power source

Smart doorbells are either wired or wireless. If you have a wired doorbell in place, then you can use the existing wiring with the new smart doorbell. This will save up on your cost. If you do not have a wiring system in place, or if you do not wish to drill holes in the walls, then you can opt for a wireless doorbell camera system.

Wired smart doorbell versus wireless smart doorbell

Wired smart doorbell

These run on the power from your home. If you have a doorbell installed, it most likely is wired. In such cases, installing a wired video doorbell becomes fairly easy.


  • There is no need to replace batteries
  • These are very difficult for hackers to hack
  • You need not worry about the range
  • The door will only lose power if the entire house has no power
  • Installation is simple and quick if you already have a wired doorbell.

Wireless video doorbell

These are very easy to install, and there is no need to drill holes. However, you will not replace the battery from time to time.


  • Easy installation
  • No holes need to be made
  • Easy to move if you change house.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Wi-Fi doorbell, decide your budget first. Pick out a few Wi-Fi doorbells available within your budget. Check the features and decide which one would be most suited to your needs and requirements.

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