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Rugs have become an exciting product that has its special atmosphere and magical powers to tempt amazing attributes to your room. Rugs are known to breathe in homeliness and unequaled warmth factor into any room. Rugs are not only considered just for a flooring option but they can bind together a room and color scheme. Rugs can create a perfect combination across all the decor elements. Whether you have to add a completely new color to an existing color theme, inject color into a dull room, a beautiful rug is all you need. Rugs just don’t help in making the room more appealing but are also effective in making rooms smaller or spacious depending upon your needs. If you are worried that your room has a minimalistic theme or it is a huddle with lots of unwanted things then these rugs can be a good choice with any room setting you have. Rugs are not only used for cold floors but they also go well with the carpeted areas too. Rugs offer an added layer of protection to our floors and carpet and are good for use in high-traffic areas like hallways, and they also add coziness to our bedroom and living room. Another important factor that needs to keep in mind is the proper arrangement for rugs matching with your furniture. If you a proper size rud and place it properly it can highlight the certain areas in your home. Moreover, placing the in the right space can give your space feel more spacious and comfortable. Have a look at the followings points, on where to place your rugs:

Living Room Rugs:

Depending on the dimensions of your space and your furniture arrangement, placing the rug in a living room can be quite difficult. A smaller rug will look messier and makes your room smaller, whereas a larger rug will make your room looks spacious and more streamlined. The next step to take into consideration is how to place the rug in the living room. Place the rug in the center of the living room under the coffee table and place the front legs of your sofa and armchairs on the rug, so that the rug disappears underneath the furniture. It is also easier for the cleaner to create a more artistic appearance. When it comes to choosing a rug for your living room it’s important to consider what type of living room you are having, if you have pets or children running around your home then a shaggy rug or wool rug would be a much better option. 

Bedroom Rugs:

Most bedrooms have a standard regular double bed pair with rugs and usually what happens is when you lay the double size bed with the rugs, the rug almost disappears under the bed and creates an illusion of more space in the bedroom. If you are placing your rug around the bed then make sure that you leave the gap between the rug and the outer wall. If the rugs hide under your bed then try to keep your bed in the middle so your rug won’t get hidden and the edges of the rugs stick out and act as a sort of picture frame. If you have one side of the rugs sticking out and the rest of them are hidden under the bed then it will make your whole room look unbalanced. If you have a smaller bedroom, you can place your rug in the middle of your room at the foot of your bed. This can have greater attention to your rug and makes your room looks more appealing. Bigger area rugs work well with bigger spaces, for instance, you will need a rug big enough to accomodate a bedside table. We cannot deny the beauty of traditional rugs and their power to add character to the bedroom. You can use traditional rugs to draw attention to showpiece furniture or to create a cozy area for conversations. They can also use to merge your spaces. Traditional rugs can be used to unify different color schemes. If the color in your bedroom does not fit together, the perfect traditional rugs can bring charm and make it looks well dressed.

Kitchen Rugs:

Kitchen rugs have become more popular nowadays. It is in trend now and most people feel empty without installing the rug into their kitchens. Persian-inspired rugs are now more in trend and very popular for kitchen use. You should place kitchen rugs in the areas of the kitchen that experience the most foot traffic. In addition, you should also place a rug in the spots where there are more spills and stains. These include the spaces in front of the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. Persian rugs help to transform kitchens from a working to a living room and make the area more comfortable and warm.

Dining Room Rugs:

A lot of people are in doubt about placing the rug under the dining table. The major concern people have regarding placing the rug under the dining table is that the food or drink can spill at any time. Many people are confused about deciding the actual size dining room, just measure the dimensions of your dining area from each side and you will roughly get an idea about the size of the rug you have to purchase for your dining table. Another important thing about having the rug under your dining area is that your chair comfortably sits over your rug. If not properly at least the legs of your chairs should fall under the rug. Fo this you need to opt for the flat rug which helps you to maintain a balance between the rug and your dining chairs. Also, flat rugs are much easier to clean compared to shaggy rugs.

Bathroom Rugs:

Bathroom rugs can help you prevent slips or any falls especially when stepping out of your tub or shower. You can place your rug in front of the bath tub and smaller rugs in front of the sinks.


Rugs can brighten up your room and give warmth and comfort, to those who walk, sit and sometimes lie on the rug. It instantly adds color, texture, and pattern to where ever you are placing it. Have a look at the following points mentioned above on how and where to place your rugs.

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