Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles: How To Enhance The Space


Whether you are building a bathroom in your new home or remodelling the existing option, choosing the floor tiles should be one of your requirements. Undoubtedly, the bathroom tiles can transform the space and accentuate it in several ways. So, ask yourself whether you prefer the old-style or the modern bathroom finishes.

There are many tiling options to pick when choosing bathroom floor tiles, and most homeowners feel overwhelmed very quickly. When enhancing the bathroom, you need to stay cautious about the floor tile to pick. 

Choosing the floor tiles:

Once you decide to install bathroom floor tiles, you need to know the following elements.

  • Remember to install an anti-skid floor tile to stay safe from tripping and slipping.
  • Tiles with a matte finish and a rough surface with several grout lines to create friction are preferred. 
  • If you already have glossy tiles for the walls, try for the same tiles on the floor with a matte finish.
  • You can select two different shapes for tiling the bathroom, so try to choose floor tiles in a square form when the walls tiles are rectangular to garner customers’ attention. 
  • When creating a contrast between the floor and wall tile, try to go for light shade on the walls and deeper shades on the floor. However, using a deep colour on the floor may make the cleaning more accessible, so try to alternate between shapes and patterns. 

Considering the prices:

The bathroom floor tiles are available at different rates, so you need to get quotes from various service providers. Get the rates for your preferred floors and find out how much you can get in discounts. 

  • The natural stone has a distinct feature and brings an authentic component to your home, but you need to maintain the tiles properly to retain their look.
  • If you are keen to add natural aesthetics to your home, using high-quality natural stone may be a good fit for your bathroom.
  • Most homeowners feel confused when choosing porcelain or ceramic tiles.
  • Porcelain is more durable than ceramic, but both options are excellent for bathroom floor tiles to make the floor look excellent and allow it to last.
  • You can select from various ceramic and porcelain tiles, but you need to analyse the features first to choose that adds value to your money. 

Enhancing the space:

Each bathroom has a unique element based on its size, brightness, and opportunity. Therefore, the bathroom floor tiles need to accentuate the uniqueness and optimise the space in various ways. One of the ways to enhance the bathroom space is using the same neutral and light-shaded tile on the floor and the walls. 

However, the floor and the wall need to contrast when shape. So, small bathrooms should have large tiles and vice versa. You can browse through several options to make sure that you choose the best floor tiles for the bathroom. The floor tile must be unique and a standout feature of the bathroom. 

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